Work With Us.

We want to collaborate with live streamers to create mutually beneficial opportunities and empower streamers together.


As you may have already noticed, we sell T-shirts. Some designs will be our own, not specifically associated with any streamer, while others will be collaborative efforts that incorporate the streamer’s branding. We want to offer you, as a live streamer, the chance to create a limited and exclusive design with our online shop and clothing brand, eliminating the worry of finding a specific designer and managing the logistics of producing and delivering products to your audience for a collaborative campaign with us.

The program is currently in alpha testing, and we are limiting the number of streamers participating. Channel eligibility during the testing phase is 100 concurrent viewers on Twitch, Youtube, Kick, Rumble, or Facebook.

Please be aware that this program is still in the testing phase as we strive to develop an effective and functional program. It may not be perfect initially, but we are open to receiving feedback to make necessary adjustments that benefit everyone involved.
Don’t want to do a collaborative sponsorship? No problem! We are working with streamers interested in promoting our non-collaborative T-shirts in our shop too!

Currently, participation in this program is by invitation only. We will be reaching out to streamers to conduct proper testing. I highly recommend joining our Discord and expressing your interest in participating.

International Participants

We are a new startup T-shirt company based in Pennsylvania, USA. Please understand that currently, we do not have the resources to effectively collaborate with streamers based in other countries. However, if you are open to working with us in primarily serving your US audiences and exploring international audiences on an experimental basis, we can collaborate with you. It is important to note that shipping from Pennsylvania to other countries is currently very expensive. As a result, it would be financially challenging for us to generate a profit unless we pass along the full (expensive) shipping costs to the customers.


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